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You guys know how I have all those posts about how draining working as a health inspector is?

I decided to go back to it, but as the manager of the program instead of an underling.

See, I liked emergency preparedness, but the job had changed significantly from when I first had it. I had a lot less autonomy in where I took the program, and the focus was shifting from building relationships to doing paperwork for grants. (A grant which recently had a significant cut, and since that grant pays my salary, I was worried.)

The former manager of the health inspectors was transferring to another office to join her fiance, and very strongly suggested I apply. So did her six employees.

It's different at the top (well, middle, overall). It's really great being able to decide something and have it stick, and help figure out tricky things for my employees. My inspection load is much, much less than it was before, too. (Plus it turns out that my first go-around had me doing the work of two inspectors-- enough to burn anybody out.)

The attitude of the top brass has changed, too. There's a lot less focus on black & white regulation and more on actual food safety and common sense. People are willing to talk about different interpretations of the code, and how we can change it or change procedures so it's more consistent state-wide.

I was getting lonely by myself. There were days when I wouldn't talk to anybody, even by email. I think that wasn't good for me. It's felt really good to have a team again.

Avatar cinnamonlixx
05-26-16 18:25
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Moving up in the world! Congrats :)
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