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Being around families in general reinforce my desire to not reproduce.

Add to that sort of embarrassing chaos? Nope, I'm good. Adding more fuel to the fire seems like a terrible idea.

Avatar betterbynow
12-04-14 16:33
Avatar schelly
12-05-14 04:42
Warrior Princess
Following the people at "reasons my son is crying" certainly makes me skeptical. All the "haha, that's funny, my kid plays with his poop too!" comments...

And yet somehow, I still want to procreate. I don't think I'm calm enough to counterbalance the chaos though. That's pretty much my requirement before I produce offspring.
Avatar effika
12-05-14 20:13
Prodigal Elowel User
Schelly I hope you have kids, since you want them! :-) I am more of an aunt, myself.

I think the only reason I would have any is due to fear of missing out, even though I'm perfectly content.
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