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2010 is a Busy Year

Hello folks,

Here is how 2010 is shaping up:

  • Bought a house.

  • Got engaged.

  • Scored a job with a 42% pay increase in the same building I already work in (on Monday I am officially on the emergency management side of things instead of the consumer protection side).

  • At the very end of it all I'll be married.

It has certainly been a stressful year, but these were all changes that needed to happen.

Avatar camabar
11-30-10 17:06
If you say so.
Congrats on getting married! And the new job!
Avatar sara *
11-30-10 18:45
Have some tea.
Whoa, that's a crazy list of accomplishments, especially the house! And a 42% raise?? Amazing!
Avatar effika
12-01-10 17:03
Prodigal Elowel User
Well, I work for the state, so it's like going from fryer cook to drive through window, but it was very nice indeed.

Thanks guys!
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