The Journal of effika.
You Guys are Creative... 08-18-11 16:19
So I picked up this sweet little pen:

No-Name 1930's Celluloid(?)

No-Name 1930's Celluloid(?)

I kind of wonder if they didn't just throw in whatever was left at the end of the day.

Anyway, I need your help.

What color of ink should I put into this pen? At the Goulet Pens Swab Shop, you can browse inks by color, by brand, and even compare swatches side-by-side.

For the curious, more info on the fountain pen itself:

It is from the 1930s, and probably celluloid. No brand markings. Nib is a semi-flexible fine to medium, gold plated, marked "SPECIAL ALLOY MADE IN USA."