The Journal of effika.
House Fixes 02-27-11 20:14
Having lived here about a year, here are the things I will attempt to do to make my house better, if I can convince myself that it's worth it:

  • New cooktop.

  • Built-in chest of drawers to replace the not-so-useful middle section of the master bedroom closet

  • Cabinets in the master bath painted white. (But not any other cabinets. The rest of the cabinets are gorgeous wood and I'll just wait around until they're in style again.)

  • Actual landscaping. We waited a year to really do anything, in the hopes that nifty things might pop up, but all that's here is some monkey grass, some lilies that just don't get enough sun, and a few razed holly bushes that are trying to regenerate themselves.

  • New back deck with an outdoor fireplace.

  • An appropriately-sized dining table.

  • Knock down the wall (or create a giant archway) separating the living room from the parlor. (This was something I wanted to do from day one, but now I'm on the fence. I want a larger living room with more light, but I have found myself enjoying the sectioned-off parlor more and more lately.)

  • Replace the roof, when necessary (we're just waiting for hail to take it).

  • Fix the drainage issues in the lawn.

  • Any carpet to be replaced it is getting replaced with hardwood. (As the carpet is about 4 years old now, we have plenty of time to save up for the eventual replacement.)

I really want to get a new cooktop (one of our burners doesn't work, and the knobs are not very well labeled or placed and there's no indication which burner is on. I have ruined multiple plastic items because of this.) but Jay doesn't cook enough to see it as a necessity. He does use the closet in the master bedroom every day, though, and is thoroughly on board for it.

I think I am just going to have to replace the cooktop one day by myself, using just my money, and see how long it takes for him to notice that he's boiling water on a different appliance.