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Wow. 03-03-10 15:44
My sister's best friend died today. It is my sister's birthday.

Makes the Amazon gift certificate I sent her seem really inadequate now.
House? 01-26-10 10:12
We looked at a coworker's house yesterday. She wanted us to see it before she put it on the market, since she wouldn't get commission skimmed off the top if we wanted it.

We were blown away by how great it was-- inside and out-- for the price. It was just a little out of our price range, though. I felt depressed last night because everything in our price range needed elbow grease.

Today I made an offer. She accepted!

It's still on the high edge of our range, but there was nothing on the market where we wanted to live that had been maintained as well.

Now we are having to sort through how to do all the realtor-y and bank stuff without a realtor. Fun, stressful times!

In 2 months we may have an actual house!
Houses 01-21-10 19:55
One of the houses we are looking at buying was built in 1951. It resides at the end of a small, quiet neighborhood. The street it's on ends in a field, suddenly. The way the trees have been cleared imply a much larger neighborhood was the plan at some point.

It is a failed suburban development, mainly inhabited by older couples, plus the occasional house rented to college students.

It's a little bit creepy, but I kind of like it.

I don't really know if we should buy a house-- it seems a little bit pointless to spend all that money just to make sure we can't move easily in a few years-- but it is fun looking at houses.
"Awesome" 11-12-09 18:51
So, the car that I traded in to the dealership last month ran a toll booth the other day. Apparently the dealership never bothered to change the title over, and they've had the car for more than a month now! I for some reason can't find any of my trade-in paperwork, just my odometer statement for the old car. It is absent from my "everything" stack of papers they gave me. I realize it was stupid of me not to triple-check everything before I left the dealership, but there you go.

They'd better be able to fax me something. Otherwise this is going to be trip #2 due to their incompetence (#1: they forget to notarize the title for the car I bought), and I'd better come out of there with some free maintenance in return.
Still Knitting Away 10-16-09 12:41
It's a scarf!


This took me 10 months to knit.
Socks! 09-20-09 12:49
Look, I made more socks! Now I have two pairs of wool socks. A pair of socks a year is a fine rate to grow my collection.

Also, it appears that I no longer am extremely paranoid and keeping everything on my own site. These photos need to go to many places, so I suppose it's just easier for me to keep them up on my Flickr. Every now and then I play around with redesigning this site to pull in my various web presences: Ravelry, Twitter, Flickr. I have never been able to construct something that I like, though.

Edit: This is my friend Sam holding the socks, not me!
Sock Progress

More Toe-Up Socks

More Toe-Up Socks

Kaylee Likes More Toe-Up Socks

More Toe-Up Socks

More Toe-Up Socks
I totally forgot I had ICS 400 today.

Way to plan! Go me! (I made it to class in time, though.)
I think my body is trying to tell me something.

Today I taught food handler's class in the afternoon. Class days are usually really easy days, except that I have to break down the room from the GED class before us� taking down the 12 tables, acquiring and placing more chairs. Nothing very physically taxing.

After putting up all the tables, I found the paper towel roll (for the whiteboard) under a stack of chairs. I decided I would put the paper towels back in their usual place, speared on one of the support polls for the whiteboard. I look up� the top of the poll seems higher than normal today. I bash at the poll a few times before I realize that I'm nowhere close to getting the towels in place and that I've lost track of gravity.

I stepped back, stumbled a bit, and caught myself on a table before sitting down to focus on breathing for a bit. The world got its color back and I got my peripheral vision back. I hadn't even noticed they were missing.

The rest of the afternoon concluded without incident. I had a full class, but they were attentive and everybody passed. I even stacked up the chairs at the end of class just fine.

August is usually a stressful month for me, but rarely have I had it manifest so physically. I've been sleeping poorly for a while now, and even when the fasciculations near my eye came back I ignored them. I suppose it's time I tried to do something about it all. I'm thinking a beach house or a hermit cave or tent in the woods somewhere. I would, of course, feel the need to shirk my duties just before one of the busier seasons at work.
Moving On 08-23-09 13:48
I've lived in Oklahoma all my life. I moved from a small town to a bustling metro area for college, and it was a very good choice. I fell in love with somebody who'd lived in this city his entire life, and it was primarily his reluctance to leave it that kept me in Oklahoma and this city.

Now, though, I am not so certain I want to be in Oklahoma much longer. I am ready to move on from the college portion of my life. He, however, is looking to get back into school and has been lost since he graduated. I think I'm ready to move on from college and possibly Oklahoma in general. I'd like to see a little bit more of the country before I pick the place to settle down with a career.

I don't know what I'd do in a place where I hardly know anybody, but I think that's part of the process, too. Anybody who's been following me since the KMorg days knows I went to the same college as many of my high school friends. Starting over is something that looks enticing.

I know my boyfriend wouldn't follow me. I think part of the desire to move elsewhere is that it's a good excuse to break up with him-- he wants to continue his college life, and I'm wanting to move across the country (either of the coasts would work) and settle down a bit. I wouldn't have to deal with the social fallout here if I moved elsewhere. It's just me running away from things, I suppose.
Fair-weather confidants are USELESS.

Even worse than useless when they are more than happy to let you listen to them, but refuse to return the favor.

I need to stop getting close to people, or, rather, thinking I'm getting close and letting myself be vulnerable. Lop-sided friendships are awful.

I don't know how I'm going to stop getting into them, but at least now I've written out that I need to change something, apparently.
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